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*DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST THE myfamily.com site has been discontinued*
*Please read below about the MyFamily.com Lennox High School Site*

PHOTOS FROM THE LennoxHighSchool.com aka MyFamily.com are/have been incorporated into  the LennoxLancersHome.com web site you are on now.  Screen captures of the photos and if comments are included.  Some of you may find what you had uploaded to that site on your Roll Call page.  Below are a  couple links completed and we are still working on a view more which will be in the Memory Lane Photo Album.  Unfortunately the photos may not be perfect as they had certain dimensions that the photos had to fit in; but, even with the distortions you get the idea.  Should you have any photos you wish to share with Lancers, please email or snail mail for scanning to this site.  And, please send in .jpg format and make reference to Lancer Photos or Memorabilia so as not to be deleted as spam.

The Y2K Reunion Photos Screen Captures has been incorporated into the "The Spirit Lives On Photo Albums" section of this site.

JERRY HARDINGS TRIP BACK TO LENNOX in 1999 can be found on the "History, Memorabilia, Etc" Link

Anyone who has the original copies of the photos that have been screen captured and would like to have the images improved, please send in.



We are still working on the Online Yearbooks!  Your LennoxLancersHome.com Online Alumni Site is more secure now without login.  We are continuously making changes on the site that you will not be aware of.  Please keep checking back to the "Memory Lane", "Spirit Lives On Photo Albums", "The Lance" and the other Links as you never know when a Classmate has sent in new Content.  We are looking for any volunteers to watch the Chat Room, if interested, please let Us know and make reference to the Chat Room.  It seems that if someone goes in the Room and doesn't see anyone there, they just leave.  It is, also, open 24/7 so you can schedule your own chats with your Lancer Contacts.  We hope to see more of you participate in the Lancers Forum where you can post messages for Lost Classmates or whatever.  Remember it is your participation that makes your Lennox High School Alumni Web Site More fun to keep that Lancer Spirit Continue on and on and on.........

Should have any questions ask the Lancers at Lennox Lancers Home dot com

Or Lancers may contact Michael Hernandez "Echodtrinity"



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