Some Lennox Annuals are Abridged

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A Huge Thanks on Behalf of All Lancers to Lancers to:  Gene Hunter, Beverly (Huber) Santos, and Tom have contributed scanned images of annual covers so far, Also, Trish (Taylor) Goddard Class of 1967 loaned her annuals for further scanning. Annuals have been compliments of Reid Jones, Gene Hunter, Bonnie English, Beverly (Huber) Santos, Dawn McCartney, Stan Bosler, Mary Teri Whitmer, Charles Armstrong, Trish (Taylor) Goddard, Danny Hernandez, Mr. Norman Furatani and Diane and Dan Karella, David Darcy and Linda (Ehler) Kiel.  And, thank you Johanna (Bowsher) Beaulieu for scanning the 1976 annual cover.  Thank you David Darcy for sending your 1982 Yearbook for further scanning.  Thank You Linda (Ehler) Kiel for sending your 1980 Yearbook for further scanning.
1983 - 1984 Lancers know anyone that would let us borrow their Yearbooks for further scanning? Check message at the bottom of the page!
We have completed further scanning of 1980 through 1982. Mary Hess Brooks Class of 1983 will be sending in her 1983 yearbook soon for rescanning.  We will keep you posted. Should anyone have or know a Lancers with a 1984 yearbook that we could borrow for further scanning please contact us.  They will be returned in same condition as they arrive and ASAP.  To date not received 1983 yearbook.  Thank You!  10/26/08





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Lennox High School - Lennox, California
1958 - 1985 Lennox High School Lancers

1958 through 1982 Annuals Completed.  Dan and Diane Karella's 1972, 1975 and 1977 arrived! 1972, 1975, 1976 through 1979 and 1981 Yearbooks Completed! 1982 Remaining Pages are Completed!  David Darcy's 1982 arrived and is now completed.  Linda (Ehler) Kiel's 1980 Yearbook and Memorabilia arrived October 1st, 2007 and now completed.  Hang in, 1983 Lancer will sending 1983. Perhaps a Lancer will send 1984 annual on.  We are trying everything we can to see they will all be completed on this site.    Thank you for your patience!    6/3/08

1958 through 1982 Complete!

1983 Yearbook being sent in by Mary Hess Brooks? 

We Would like to Borrow a 1983 and 1984!